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So the plan is to start in Ottawa and head EAST until reaching Ottawa, lol. The hope is this map of the route will illustrate the general plan.

Distance Calculator

This route covers approximately 90,000km (50,000miles) of continuous traveling and if successful will complete a true circumnavigation of the globe.

Most of you may already be aware of this but for clarification a global circumnavigation is a continuous loop on the surface of Earth separating two halves of comparable area. Or basically a great circle, which passes through at least one pair of points antipodal to each other.

It’s good to keep in mind that this route creates a line that passes through many countries and continents, but the focus is not on counting countries or continents reached but rather the hope is to experience a cross-section of the world and see how cultures and nature transition from one place to the next. Also by traveling continuously its much easier to escape the trap of just seeing places as stereotypes that are somehow disconnected from one another. In this trip there are no destinations just a continuous journey were all the places seen will be part of the same experience, the goal is to illustrate that everything is connected.

Key points along the trip will include:

Transatlantic crossing on the Queen Mary 2 – Monday May 15th, 2017
This is a 7 night ocean crossing that will start in New York, United States of America and go to Southhampton, England. This vessel is particularly interesting as it is one of the last luxury ocean liners in the world.
147s - 1st Day at Sea on the QM2
England – Monday May 22nd 2017
This will be an opportunity to meet up with some old friends and explore some of my cultural roots.
640 - walking around london
Italy – Tuesday June 20th 2017
This is an opportunity to experience the other part of my cultural heritage and with any luck I should have the good fortune of doing so with my extended family.
 1108 - Venice with mom and dad
Russian Federation -Tuesday July 24th 2017
This is the most conducive timing for me to enter the Russian Federation considering the timeing of visa requirements and the weather of the area, and it is hoped that the opportunity to travel the Trans-Siberian railway will precent itself.
2811 - walking around Moscow
Peoples Republic of China – Monday August 12th 2017
The Peoples Republic of China will be a significant part of my travels and provide an excellent learning opertunity with such a diverse geographic and social spectrum.
3333 - Walk the gardens west and north of the forbidden city
Japan – Monday August 24th, 2017
Japan will offer the opportunity to take in some unique cultural experiences and equally unique natural wonders. As well a visit to this Island nation will provide the opportunity to slow down the pace of travel that may be experienced during the greater circumnavigation, this is due to Japans size and its location on the travel route.
5283 - the second visit to Nara
Peoples Republic of China – Thursday September 25th, 2017
After the trip to Japan, the travel route will return to the Peoples Republic of China and will continue through this Nation that can provide such an excellent learning opportunity with such a diverse geographic and social spectrum
5395 - walking around Xi'an
Ovation of the Seas – Thursday November 23rd 2017
If good fortune has allowed for a safe overland travel to Singapore, the available land will have run out and the need to travel by sea will be in order.  This is why passage has been booked on the Ovation of the Seas a cruise ship that is departing Singapore, Singapore and saling for Sydney, Australia.
8388 - on shore in Hobart
 Australia – Tuesday December 7th, 2017
Upon disembarking in Sydney, Australia there will be a month available to explore this unique part of the world.
8415 - entering sydney harbour
Radiance of the Seas – Wednesday January 3rd, 2018
After the time in Australia, the daunting task of making the way across the Pacific Ocean lies ahead. The first step is to get to New Zealand from Australia and to do this passage has been booked on the Radiance of the Seas a Cruise ship that will make a few stops in Fiji and New Caledonia along the way.
9101 - port of call - Lifou Culture and Nature tours
New Zealand – January 18th, 2018
During the travels across the Pacific Ocean the opportunity to spend just over a month in New Zealand has presented itself providing time to explore the natural beauty of this land.
10250 - the Alpine Highway to Mt. Cook
Crystal Symphony – Saturday March 3rd, 2018
Ok!, welcome to the great compromise, originally the plan was to travel to Argentina from New Zealand, via. Antarctica but those plans had to be re-worked as the original cruise that would make that possible is not sailing in 2018. As a result one of the remaining options that best fit the itinerary was this luxury liner that will travel through the South Pacific to arrive in Chile after visiting such places as Fiji, The Cook Islands, French Polynesia, and Easter Island. quite possibly a very good compromise.
Chile and Argentina – Friday April 6th, 2018
After the crossing of the Ocean, and at last with land under foot again, the opportunity to explore the rich culture and nature of the southern most parts of the Americas will begin
Peru – Friday May 4th, 2018
This part of the world will offer many unique opportunities to step back in time to explore the rich culture of the peoples of this area.
  Wednesday July 4th, 2018 – United States of America
Continuing northward through the Americas there will be many opportunities to experience a transition of culture and nature, this area will provide a unique final set of such experiences before concluding this journey.



  1. So happy to share beverages our last night on the Symphony and learn about your amazing journey. I look forward to each update.

  2. Margaret Yee says:

    Honoured to have seen you off at the Brooklyn Pier. Have a safe epic adventure. Until we meet again.

  3. Mary Ann Moran says:

    Chris you must be getting soooooo excited!!!
    Wishing you a safe and most awesome trip!
    Can’t wait to follow you around the globe!!
    Mary Ann

  4. Dolores says:

    Hey Chris it’s Dolores! I thought I was adventurous…lol…you take the cake my cousin can’t wait for you to get stated and for me to marvel 😎 All the very best we are all with you!

  5. Anonymous says:

    This looks so amazing!!! i think we may be traveling in opposite directions! but maybe some overlap in NZ I will keep you posted!

  6. Josie Reja says:

    Hi Chris. What a fabulous journey. Your so lucky

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