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The Challenge

Link to the Alzheimer’s land and sea 360 website


So what is the fundraiser about? The land and sea 360 work out challenge is a project for me to stay active well traveling, by trying to encourage my friends, family and I, to do 24 minutes of exercise a day, about 5 to 6 days a week during Overland360. If you are not inclined to do this well traveling with me this it just may mean you sit back and watch or find something to do for the 20 minutes when I may wander off to do a


The workouts can consisted of any physical activity that suits your interests and skill level. When you have completed a work out you just need to post it to “#landandse360” and put your workout number in the text so we can all share our work outs to keep encouraging each other to participate. Think of this as an online workout community were your encouraging workout buddy is not necessarily going to the same gym as your or even doing the same workout, but is still there wondering how you are doing and trying to encourage you to do your best. My hope is to do 360 workouts during my trip, one for each degree of longitude that I will be traveling. The idea is participants can join at any time during the Overland360 project, do any workout that is good for them ideally the workouts last 20 minutes or longer and you break a sweat to make it a legitimate workout. Longer workouts are good but they only count as longer workouts, not as more than one workout and only one workout will count in any given day.


 20minutes of canoeing as a idea 🙂

For each participant, I’m suggesting we each make a onetime donation of $20 CAD (Canadian) to the Alzheimer Society to participate and of course this is all on the honor system. All donations will be made through an official register charitable website, so no funds will pass throw my hands, but the hope is to have the site set up to track the amount of donations made so we can track our fundraising progress as a group.   With this going on we will see how many people we can encourage to join in by the 360th workout and how creative we can be with our workouts. We can also recognize the person with the most creative work outs, those who challenge themselves the most and recognize those who encourage the most people to join in, just remember to note in your first post who encouraged you to join in and I will do my best to keep track when I am online seeing who is out there working out in our community.


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