Global Circumnavigation

Made it for the party

This was a mostly spanish speaking July 4th party north of the border check point14090 -the ride heading north from mexico city to the USA border town - day 2(4th of July celebration)

some of the sites along the way

heading north until we hit the wall

so we now have a record for our new longest ride at 33 hours of continuous travel on a bus.


Mexico City

well it was time to head back to the AirBnb in the Metro.  Look closely, is it a train, is it a bus, no no its the Metro!  very interesting.

Mexico City

taking a walk around the old colonial part of town and seeing some remnants of the Mayan empire at the same time.

Mexico City

checking out the end of the big game, unfortunately there was no earthquake producing celebration 😦 14004 -walking around downtown mexico city

Mexico City

With just 2 days in Mexico City to look around we decided to start by checking out the pyramid of the sun (most likely miss named as it was probably used for worship of water) and the pyramid of the moon

To Mexico City, Earth

13858 -the bus ride from Guatemala City to Mexico City

On the Road North

Just some video of a few parts of the ride 🙂


North we shell go!!

well lets make a quick summer of what you are seeing here:

Day 1: 2 hour ride to the bus station in Puerto Jiménez, Earth then a 9 hour city bus ride to San Jose, Earth (yes that is a city bus that stops all the time this was only a 350km ride 😮 )

Day 2: from San Jose, Earth take a 9hour bus ride Managua, Earth across a border check point passing the town of Masaya, Earth on the way.  Well passing thought this town you could see its make shift bunkers lining the streets and  and soldiers armed with shotguns at almost every corner along the highway,  you may have seen it in the news lately, luckily there was no protests to be seen and all was quite for our ride.

Day 3: From Managua, Earth we took a 14hour bus ride across a border check point to the town of San Pedro Sula, Earth.  this time there was one road block to cross luckily the protesters allowed the bus to pass peacefully but I must say I was a little nervous to see there home made hand held canon.  but there beef is with the local government not us so on our way we went, I took no photos as i didn’t want any issues with the local government.

Day 4:  with what was most likely the two most dangerous days of travel behind us we were feeling confident as we left San Pedro Sula, Earth and took a 20minute colectivo to the bus station in town to get a 2hour colectivo to Puerto Cortes, Earth we we switched to a bus bound for the border check point of Corinto, Earth.  once we crossed this border check point we got a colectivo to the town of Puerto Barrios, Earth.  On our way to this town we saw a bus stop for our next bus company so we got out of the collectivo early and got on the bus before arriving at the town with the main bus station and we got on a new bus bound for Guatemala City, Earth (this saved us 1 hour for bus riding 🙂 )  so that ment with just a 8hour ride we found our selfs in a bus station changing buses (everyone had to change bus as the first bus was two big for the small city streets) then we carried on for 40 minutes to our final destination in Guatemala City, Earth

Day 5/6: “OK the hard part is done now all we have is 1 short ride and 1 long ride, but a lot less busses”  well think again!!  so we borded our 6 hour bus ride from Guatemala City, Earth bound for the border town of Tapachula, Earth.  but we had bad luck from the start due to some unpopular government decision to raise hydro rates resulting in protests and road blocks had made the main highway unusable so our 6hour ride had been extended to 10hours 😮 but that would of still been ok as we had left a 4 hour stop over before our next bus ride. but that 10 hours became 12.5 hours when it was all said and done :O :O so for the first time in my 13 months of traveling I missed a transfer and lost the money we spend on a bus ticket 😦 but that is not the bad part the next bus was not till noon the next day that meant after our 12.5 hour bus ride we had a 12 hour stop over in the bus station (oh no 😦 ) . but after a mere 25 hours we were on our way and just a mere 20 hours later we arrived in Mexico City, Earth 🙂 . (that is a total commuting time of 42hours with no hotels but we were glad to be here 🙂 safe and sound )