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After 360 workout I wanted to thank everyone who supported the workout challenge and donated as we were able to raise $1500 for the Alzheimer’s society. additional donations are welcome just click on the challenge tab above if you are interested. Thanks again for all the help everyone. Here is the view of Remic Rapids, Ottawa, Earth were workout #1 and #360 were done :)


14months later some things have change and some have stayed the same, here is to returning to were it all started Ottawa, Earth :)

Mass Transit Global Circumnavigation Map

Mass Transit Global Circumnavigation completed

Mass Transit Global Circumnavigation completed!! :)

From the west coast to the east coast in 4 days, all by Mass transit, started with 4 trains two with beds, followed by the New York City subway system, then finished it off with a walk to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal where this trip all started on May 13th 2017 with the sailing of the Queen Mary 2. Its been an interesting 431 Days . I think its best put this way 🙂 🙂   look forward to seeing you all soon 🙂

Next Step – Going East as the sunsets on the west coast of the Americas.

14053 -the ride heading north from mexico city to the USA border town - day 2(sunset)

Free of buses and Trains

we made it to San Jose, Earth!!! and we are free of buses and trains and have some time to look around again, this time to take a look at a few historical things in the heart of San Francisco, Earth.  not to mention get some much needed rest 🙂

Then a fast push north to San Jose, Earth

This took 2 buses and 1 train as Amtrak scrambled to find a way to get us to San Jose after we arrived 6 hours late into Los Angeles, although the ride was not scenic and the connections were tight and hectic we did manage to get to San Jose eventually.

Then a Ride to Los Angeles, Earth

but unfortunately this ride was running 7 hours behind schedule 😮

then we got our ride north to Tucson, Earth.

14103 -the ride to Toscon from the USA border town(outside bus)

and there was fireworks to be had