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…Lesson 5: have some fun while learning

Maybe its enjoying the view after a 4 hour hike up a  mountain on a  rainy day

Maybe its seeing how a Suspension bridge  bounces

Maybe its appreciating the name of a local waterfall

Maybe its your tent being marketed as ” fresh and black” Tee he 😉

or maybe its just enjoying the rain when you are out hiking, but you must remember to have fun and always remember to “look after the planet its the only one with chocolate”




  1. thank you, I am glad you are enjoying. I hope you take the chance to start a new adventure of your own in the not to distance future. as long as you are passionate about it I am sure you will have a great time. Wishing you all the best.

  2. Brad Wright says:

    Fantastic, Chris. Wonderful that family have been able to join you. Many photos, such as Forbidden City, Great Wall and Terra Cotta Warriors, took me back into my own memories, and your other photos make me want to go to those places. Amazing trip. Happy travels!

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