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The Map

example mapThe Map is now active so by following the “Precent” Tab above you can link to the Map and you can see my location during the trip and follow the progress, between cities the plan is to have the Satellite Communicator update my progress every 10minutes or so.

At the moment you will just see the location of my house that has been sold. This Map is also a good way to reach me during my travels, you can do so by clicking on the arrow that shows my most recent location and lick on the little text icon, here you can send a satellite message to the satellite communicator (no fees I have a service plan)

The Satellite Communicator (aka “the com” I just made that up so i don’t have to keep typing the full name all the time) will be my most reliable form of communication but it is not a fast form as it can take up to 10minutes to send a message so don’t expect to chat using it but you can reach me with it.

If you are using the Facebook Site, chatting will still be easiest using private messaging on Facebook when i am online. I can also use the com to post to Facebook anywhere including the open ocean and when I don’t have Cell, Wi-Fi or even Internet. Oddly this can mean I can post to the Facebook page but may not be able to see the Facebook page myself, something to keep in mind.

The Map along with private messaging on Facebook will be my main forms of communication as I will not have a cell phone during the trip, I am sure this will make more sense as we give it a try and I am sure it will be entertaining at times 🙂 please be kind and provide your full name on your first message if you choose to use this feature so I can populate the names of contacts.

Stay in touch and Enjoy the Map!

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